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Noh and the Singularity of the Moment

The telephone rings.  The hospital is calling. “You had better come now.” You rush to the bedside of a person you love.  Time is short.  She is still aware, but it is as if she were being pulled away into … Continue reading

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Noh Stories, New Stories: At a Noh Writing Workshop

As much as I am affected by the music and visual elements of Noh, I confess that my strongest attraction to the genre is to its poetry and narrative framework.  My favorite plays are those of the type known as … Continue reading

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Translating Noh into Now:  Mikiko Uesugi’s Set for This Lingering Life

Scenic designer Mikiko Uesugi was familiar with most of the stories in This Lingering Life long before she started working on the project.  In Japan, her maternal grandmother had studied Noh with Umewaka Rokurou-sensei and began taking her to performances … Continue reading

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