One of the most captivating experiences that theater can offer is watching the deliberate progress of the shite—the main character, often a ghostalong the bridgeway toward the Noh stage.  From the first glimpse, one can begin to predict the experience ahead from what one observes of the actor’s carriage, mask, and costume.  Incantatory calls, flute, and drums usher a being from another world into ours.  Finally, the shite arrives on stage and is fully revealed.  The encounter begins.

This blog was created to provide dramaturgical support to actors, artistic collaborators, and audience members of the Theatre of Yugen in San Francisco.  However, it has come to draw most of its readership from outside that sphere.  How heartening to know that there are people on most continents interested in approaches to Noh from the West!

All content on this blog, since its inception in 2011, has been authored by Edith Reisner Newton.  The Theatre of Yugen does not fund or host On the Bridgeway, and all opinions or interpretations advanced here are those of the author.



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